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Federal, State, Municipal

We handle all criminal cases at every level in the State of New Jersey. It Is our duty to hold the government accountable for the charges they file against our clients and  we will fight for you every step of the way. When your freedom is in jeopardy we work closely with the top investigators and experts to insure you receive the best defense available. 


Restraining Orders, Custody, Child Support

Family cases can be highly volatile and emotional. We understand the emotional nature of the litigation and are here to walk you through the process with confidence. We specialize in defending and prosecuting restraining orders, child custody, and child support. The key to our success is the investigation and preparation leading up to your hearing.


In the State of New Jersey, driving is classified as a "privilege", but at Kuykendall Law we believe that driving is a necessity. If you are charged with a traffic offense our goal is to keep your license in good standing. We understand the importance of driving and do our best to resolve your traffic case with minimal to no impact on your license and car insurance. While fighting your Driving while intoxicated case, we explore all potential motions and trial strategies. We work closely with the top DWI experts to insure the best possible outcome.


At Kuykendall Law our goal is to help our clients not allow a few bad decisions impact the rest of their lives. Having a criminal record can have a severe impact on employability and business opportunities. Through the expungement process, we can help erase your criminal convictions and arrests so a background check will no longer show your criminal record.

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